Tuesday, May 3, 2011

one year later!

so as we all know, not only am i mrs. findley, but the expecting her first little baby cakes mrs. findley! :)

hence the reason i decided to reignite the blog, that didn't really ever get started to begin with. there are so many exciting things that God is doing in my life, and it would be a shame not to share them, as well as catch up my many distant loved ones who naturally want updates.

so here it is: i'm pregnant and i freaking LOVE it! :)
seriously, the past few months have been so blessed, i will surely never forget them. there is nothing quite like God using you to grow a little human. ;) but really, its so exciting to be totally conscious that someone else is eating what you're eating, breathing the air you're breathing... or something of that sort. its made me take better care of myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally... because hey, i don't want baby flooded with any sad hormones ;). yea, i'm ridiculous!

anyway, i'm thoroughly enjoying watching my appetite and belly grow and grow and imagine that little child growing as well. words can't express my excitement for monday: to SEE beautiful baby, and how healthy he/she is growing, AND see if he/she is a HE or a SHE!! :) a wonderful day it will be, having javascript:void(0)a little cookout for our family to share the good news of whatever gender the little one is!

i have been so incredibly blessed to not have a single day of nausea during this pregnancy. in fact my only symptoms have been a silly brain that doesn't seem to work quite as well, a growing belly, some sleepliness early on, and an ever growing appetite!

i do believe this has grown longer than i'd intended. that'll be all for now! :)
will try sooo hard to stick this out!! monday i will announce the big news!!

photos my beautiful friend mara took to remember the belly days :)

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  1. i am SO happy you're doing this, for us far away friends!